The ADELYA software offering provides all the required ingredients to deploy unique and innovative loyalty programs. Simple. Fast. Cost effective.

Next-Generation Loyalty

Differentiation, relevance, responsiveness, personalization and a multichannel approach are just a few of the recurring key objectives common to all loyalty programs.

Enhancing the customer experience

Today, loyalty cards are no longer enough to make a real difference. Brands and retailers need to enhance the in-store experience and interact with customers in real time, using interactive terminals and entertaining mobile services (virtual waiting rooms, instant prizes, etc.) to create a special relationship with them.

Promoting permission marketing

Perceived value will be greater with permission marketing. Consumers expect an opt-in, personalized relationship, so you need to make sure your loyalty solution guarantees individuals’ anonymity and supports personalized interaction.

Dematerializing loyalty cards

The conventional loyalty card model has reached its limits, as consumers find themselves sorting through a wallet full of cards. Brands and retailers need to dematerialize their loyalty cards via inexpensive and innovative channels such as cell phones or the Internet. Marketing operations on cell phones, the Internet or social networks, point-of-sale identification using cell phones, and the ability to track loyalty points and gifts on the Internet or by phone have become key features of any loyalty system.

Leveraging social networks

Social networks are a major distribution channel for loyalty campaigns. Increasingly, consumers are going to use social networks to get the latest news about their favorite products and services, learn about promotional offers, win loyalty points and share their experiences. As a result, social networks are now integral to any loyalty strategy.

Go multichannel

Your loyalty strategy has to address all sales channels—e-commerce sites, points of sale, and mobile platforms—to ensure a coherent approach, maximize cross-selling and foster brand loyalty while optimizing costs. Surveys confirm that multichannel customers are more loyal and therefore more profitable.

Think multibrand, multishop

Bring modern consumers’ dreams to life by offering them a virtual wallet for all their loyalty cards, so they can manage their points and benefits, and discover brands or promotional offers all in one place. Brands and retailers can thus achieve differentiation and loyalty through a high-added-value service while fostering cross-selling operations.

ADELYA gives you everything you need to deploy a unique, innovative loyalty program—easily, quickly and affordably.

Customer case studies

Arthur Immobilier

A first in the real estate business: Arthur L’Optimist, a leading French real estate group, successfully deployed a mobile NFC, web-based loyalty solution for all its agents.

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Discover Loyalty Operator 2.0

  • Quick launch of multi-channel marketing campaignas including emailing, sms and social networks
  • On demand couponing campaogns including m-couponings
  • Manage customer data efficiently and allocate benefits in real time
  • Access the Loyalty Operator platform from any web browser
  • Compile statistics and perform analysis for improved customer knowledge
  • Dedicated mobile or web-based loyalty spaces

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