NFC technology and loyalty

NFC for secure id and amazing interaction

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range, high-frequency wireless communication technology supporting the exchange of data between devices over distances of about 10 centimeters. NFC technology is a simple extension of the RFID proximity-card standard that combines the interface of a smartcard and a reader into a single device.

NFC technology is gradually being built into cell phones. In Japan, 25% of cell phones are already NFC-enabled. In the United States, credit cards have embraced NFC technology (Paywave and Paypass systems) to enable contactless payment of small amounts.  In May 2010, Nice, one of the largest cities on the French Riviera, launched an NFC pilot for its citizens including loyalty and payment services via NFC-enabled phones. And in 2011, Apple, Google, Nokia and RIM all announced NFC compatibility with their next-gen cell phones.

Since its inception, ADELYA has embedded NFC technology into its product offering and is actively promoting the use of NFC in loyalty programs.

ADELYA uses NFC technology to allocate mobility points and for interactive point-of-sale marketing communication. It can also use it to manage rechargeable credits for electronic wallets.

ADELYA’s Loyalty Operator platform lets you define different badging points at the point of sale to extend the use of loyalty cards throughout the shop.

Examples of interactive features managed by ADELYA’s Loyalty Operator platform:
  • Allocation of loyalty points at checkout
  • Entry in virtual waiting room
  • Request for vendor assistance
  • Activation of new product information or advertizing
  • Point-of-sale games and lotteries

Cards can take various shapes and may be trendy items to hang or stick on cell phones.

NFC-enabled cell phones enable consumer identification at multiple brand/retailer points of sale with a single device. They allow consumers to aggregate and integrate all their payments and/or loyalty cards and paper-based coupons into a single cell phone.

ADELYA provides retailers with an innovative, first-of-a-kind and fun way to interact with shoppers, engaging customers one step further and developing intimate, long-lasting relationships.

Customer case studies

Aéroports de Lyon

The first time NFC technology has been deployed at an airport. With the Malys NFC loyalty card, Aéroports de Lyon experiences more customer intimacy at the point of sale and has seen a noticeable increase in average purchases for loyalty card holders.

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Discover Loyalty Operator 2.0

  • Quick launch of multi-channel marketing campaignas including emailing, sms and social networks
  • On demand couponing campaogns including m-couponings
  • Manage customer data efficiently and allocate benefits in real time
  • Access the Loyalty Operator platform from any web browser
  • Compile statistics and perform analysis for improved customer knowledge
  • Dedicated mobile or web-based loyalty spaces

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