Managed service hosted “in the cloud”

Users can access software on the Internet by logging on to a dedicated site. No need to install software on the user's machine, offering permanent access in real time with secure user data.

  • Ease of use and deployment
  • Lower TCO
  • Predictable monthly fee

On demand

Pay for software when you need it, for as long as you need it.

Our Vision

In the retail business, the way to maintain competitive advantage is no longer the product or price but the level of engagement—the degree to which a retailer succeeds in creating a direct, one-to-one, intimate long-term relationship with consumers.

Customer engagement—personalized, opt-in, real-time interaction—is made possible by advanced mobile, contactless, NFC and Internet technologies. These technologies are fuelling new-generation loyalty and marketing solutions to revitalize customer relationships. The end-result: increased revenues and reduced costs at the point of sale, and happier, loyal customers.

Our watchword: Bring the marketing punch of the big retail chains to independent shops through innovative, interactive, full-web managed marketing services that are affordable and easy to use.

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Adelya - A true loyalty operator

Founded in 2005 by CRM and configurator pioneers, ADELYA has developed web-based loyalty solutions for retailers and independent shops powered by NFC, contactless and mobile technologies. A true loyalty operator, ADELYA enables retailers and points of sale to create a new type of customer relationship with more interactivity, more freedom and more impact.

To facilitate use and deployment within retail outlets, ADELYA loyalty solutions come as a managed service. ADELYA or its resellers manage the hardware and software applications on the customer’s premises. ADELYA loyalty solutions are offered as an on-demand service “in the cloud”.

For small- and medium-sized businesses, managed services provide enterprise-class capabilities for a predictable monthly fee. No large, initial capital investment is required.

Customer case studies

Tape à l’œil

Over 400,000 loyalty cards with embedded NFC contactless stickers delivered to Tape à l'oeil, a children’s clothing retailer, making it the largest retail deployment of contactless sticker technology for loyalty and relationship programs in France.

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Discover Loyalty Operator 2.0

  • Quick launch of multi-channel marketing campaignas including emailing, sms and social networks
  • On demand couponing campaogns including m-couponings
  • Manage customer data efficiently and allocate benefits in real time
  • Access the Loyalty Operator platform from any web browser
  • Compile statistics and perform analysis for improved customer knowledge
  • Dedicated mobile or web-based loyalty spaces

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