Market Trends

Since the 1980s, the customer relationship management (CRM) market has thrived on the practical observation that the client should be at the heart of any strategy.

Customer loyalty programs are a natural extension of this concept and a lot of loyalty cards have permeated the daily lives of consumers.

Today, ADELYA’s market position in this area is driven by the following rationale:

  • many loyalty programs have become commoditized and lack any real differentiation
  • mass marketing is reaching its limits
  • cell phones and the Internet have changed buying behaviors—and this is set to continue
  • consumers’ attention span is shrinkingLes programmes de fidélisation s’essoufflent par manque d’originalité

As buying behaviors evolve, retailers are seeking to better understand their customers, interact and converse with them, develop a deeper, more meaningful connection and offer personalized, properly managed rewards to foster long-lasting relationships.

ADELYA is resolutely focused on the retailing and independent shops business and has designed new-generation loyalty solutions aligned with the point of sale, be it for shops, e-commerce or m-commerce portals.

Customer case studies

Tape à l’œil

Over 400,000 loyalty cards with embedded NFC contactless stickers delivered to Tape à l'oeil, a children’s clothing retailer, making it the largest retail deployment of contactless sticker technology for loyalty and relationship programs in France.

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Discover Loyalty Operator 2.0

  • Quick launch of multi-channel marketing campaignas including emailing, sms and social networks
  • On demand couponing campaogns including m-couponings
  • Manage customer data efficiently and allocate benefits in real time
  • Access the Loyalty Operator platform from any web browser
  • Compile statistics and perform analysis for improved customer knowledge
  • Dedicated mobile or web-based loyalty spaces

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