"We chose ADELYA because they offered the best combination of innovation, features, intuitiveness and price. The ADELYA Loyalty Operator platform supports personalized, opt-in, interactive loyalty programs, which are key to attracting and retaining passengers, employees, local residents and people accompanying flyers to the airport."

Virginie Gauthier,  Customer and Sales Promotions Manager
Aéroports de Lyon

Airports & Shopping Malls

Inspire your community with mMarketing

That added extra:  energize your shopping mall and help it to grow 

With ADELYA, shopping malls are able to deploy a 4-step mobile marketing strategy: customer know-how, à propos communication, multistore loyalty cards, and paperless promotions (deals, private sales, vouchers, etc.). Everything needed for efficient customer interaction. 

ADELYA solutions for shopping malls: 

Shop smart: enable shoppers to use mall mobile apps to find the best deals and gain rewards with your multistore loyalty card. 

Orchestrate marketing operations with an all-in-one marketing platform encompassing customer information, social media campaigns, and all the promotions you want.

Differentiate by offering mobile loyalty while letting shoppers decide whether they want mobile or normal.

Customer case studies

Carlson Wagon Lit Voyages

Carlson Wagon Lit Voyages trusts the ADELYA NFC platform for nationwide customer loyalty and retention. Branded loyalty program. NFC loyalty card. 500,000 consumers on line.

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Discover Loyalty Operator 2.0

  • Quick launch of multi-channel marketing campaignas including emailing, sms and social networks
  • On demand couponing campaogns including m-couponings
  • Manage customer data efficiently and allocate benefits in real time
  • Access the Loyalty Operator platform from any web browser
  • Compile statistics and perform analysis for improved customer knowledge
  • Dedicated mobile or web-based loyalty spaces

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